Victor Nicollet

Hi. I'm an expert in compiler and programming language design, currently working as a CTO at Lokad on our in-house programming language, Envision.

A few things I've said or written :

A CPU-only embeddings library for every language (2024-07-08)

Spilling to disk in .NET (Youtube, 2023-03-31)

A feature can be released but not done (2023-07-11)

ILPack: saving assemblies to disk (Youtube, 2022-10-11)

How the Envision virtual machine works (Lokad blog, 2021-11-15)

Queues cannot guarantee at-least-once delivery (2021-01-27)

ContentAddr: a .NET content-addressable store (GitHub, 2020-10-05)

The Vanishing Schema Paradox (2020-08-26)

ScratchSpace: spilling to disk in .NET (GitHub, 2020-08-18)

NoAlloq: zero-allocation LINQ for Span<T> (GitHub, 2020-03-22)

Intro talk at ACM-ICPC SWERC: Introspection and Optimization (YouTube, 2018-12-03)

Parsing: A type-safe .NET library for building tokenizers and parsers (GitHub, 2018-01-04)

Midgard, an Intermediate Representation optimized for rewriting (2017-11-21)

Context-free and parsing expression grammars (2017-11-10)

AzureEventStore: event sourcing backed by Azure Blob Storage (GitHub, 2017-09-12)

Creating and using your own programming language (YouTube, 2017-07-09)

Darklaga : Cannonball Symphony (Video Game, 2004)

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